No evidence of disease

I've reverted from post-surgical zombie and am very happy to report that so far everything has gone about as well as possible.

Thankfully, my surgeons, Drs. Gardner and Snyderman, were able to completely remove my new tumor plus two other suspicious spots, which also turned out to be tumor, and left me with all of my faculties intact. This was the best-case scenario. That it came to pass is such a gift and huge relief! There are no words to adequately describe the appreciation and the awe I feel towards my surgeons and the team that supported them to make this excellent outcome possible.

After surgery, I spent five nights in the hospital, where I received excellent care from top to bottom, before being discharged on Monday.

I'm now recovering well in Pittsburgh under the loving and attentive watch of Rach and our dear friends Heather and Steve. Even Sam is playing a role, bringing all manner of things to my bedside, keeping me smiling with his antics, and pumping me with a constant supply of pills he's meticulously fashioned out of Play-Doh :)

I'm feeling better day by day, though have a bit more lingering pain and fatigue than I remember from my last surgery. Not fun, but, then again, I'm not 18 this time around. Interestingly, I also learned today from Dr. Gardner that the fatigue is likely attributable to the particular type of anesthesia that was used to enable continuous monitoring of cranial nerve function throughout surgery. Evidently, it takes a few weeks to wash out of the system. My sodium is also low owing to manipulation of my pituitary gland during surgery, which probably also doesn't help. Whatever the case may be, it should all resolve, and, in the meantime, I am glad to have some time to rest.

I'm getting my appetite back as well, which is great not only for recovery, but because we have been showered with a stream of delicious meals, which I'm now thoroughly enjoying.

The many forms of love and support we've received from so many has been heartwarming in the biggest way. Rachel and I are beside ourselves with gratitude and feel so, so lucky for it all.

This weekend, my cousin Arie and her husband Jimmy are arriving from California to take over from Heather and Steve, and we're looking forward to getting to spend the week together with them.

From here, I just have a few follow-up appointments next week and am awaiting some results from pathology, which may help shed light on prognosis and any further treatments that may be warranted. If nothing goes awry, we're on track to be home by next weekend.

More to follow. Until then, huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this experience as positive as we could have hoped for!

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